It is advisable to talk to and consult with a personal injury lawyer if you unfortunately had a car accident or was injured because of another person's wrongdoing. Most of the time, it is advantageous for you to have this kind of lawyer to handle your case. There are a few benefits of being represented with a personal injury lawyer, and these are:


1. Personal injury lawyers know the basic fundamentals of the law about personal injury. Many are under the assumption that because you are injured, you are entitled to some compensation. This assumption is not necessarily true. Only very few acknowledge contributory negligence, meaning if you are one way or another, big or small, contributed to the cause of the accident, you will not be compensated. Other states though also recognize some allowance or compensation for those injured in an accident depending on the extent of one's involvement. Check it out!


Unlike a non-lawyer who does not know the different claims one can get from injury. This is where the injury lawyer is an advantage because he is experienced in knowing what to claim for which accident or injury. In this case, an insurance adjuster cannot just fool you about the law since you have your injury lawyer to represent you.


2. Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable about insurance law, and this makes a lot of difference. This means that an injury lawyer can possibly get more compensation for you, above the normal benefit that an insurance policy will provide. This is because an injury lawyer knows  a lot of ways where you can possibly receive more under the state law.


3. Ted A. Greve & Associates Injury Lawyers have ideas or can approximate values of different types of injuries. This is why it is good to have experienced injury lawyers since they have handled many cases and know already the value of most injuries.


4. Personal injury lawyers can go to court and file a case for you. This means that if you have an injury lawyer who is confident to bring up your case to court, insurance companies know that you could possibly be compensated more. In this case, the insurance adjuster will be practical and realistic of the amount they will offer you for your injuries.


5. Personal injury lawyers who are very experienced know how to equate high value of your case. This goes back to the reason again that insurance adjusters are aware that with a lawyer on your side, you would be expecting a higher compensation. Some may say that the increase in compensation will just be enough to cover the fee of the lawyer, so everything comes out the same. This is not necessarily true, in some cases because the experienced injury lawyer can possibly get more that what you expect from your insurance.